Sushi Q - Assortment Mixed My Sushi 4 pcs

Product id: 8719071-130043


1 x Sushi Q - Nigiri Tuna 
1 x Sushi Q - Nigiri Salmon
1 x Sushi Q - Futomaki Surimi
1 x Sushi Q - Uramaki California

More than 100 different sushi's are prepared daily fresh bij traditional sushi chefs! 

The possibilities in the assembly of a well selected assortment of sushi are endless. Based on our experience, we can put together a delicious assortment of sushi that you can order and we can deliver on a daily basis. The sushi varies from basic to most luxurious. Without exception all of our sushi is of excellent quality. Interested? Let Sushi Q inform you about a worry-free and high quality extension of your product range.